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September 11 2013

Google SEO: What does it mean & should we care?

google seoGoogle, the gorilla in the room when it comes to search engines, has a notable goal. It wants to serve users by providing the best results on a search term. It's a great goal and one we should applaud because ultimately, that's our goal too. We want search engine users to find you as well. 

To achieve this goal, Google created the almighty search algorithm, a complicated equation that changes regularly. Companies respond through search engine optimization, optimizing websites to meet the Google SEO algorithm requirements.

Google's formulas take into account several factors including:

  • The originality of content;
  • The currency of content;
  • Internal links to other content on your site;
  • External links to other quality websites;
  • And the density of keywords on a page (too much is bad).

Businesses must constantly adjust to the changing formula and update content as Google responds to unscrupulous websites seeking to beat the system.

Pandas, Penguins and Phantoms
I often think of Google SEO as a tortoise versus the hare story. Websites with great content and something to offer clients plod along their course, slow and steady, keeping the finish line and their goals in site. 

Websites that only serve as parking lots for ads, that plagiarize content or that have little to offer customers are the hare. They speed ahead, so proud of their clever maneuvers only to get left behind in the end by the twists and turns of fate. 

In the online world, the twists and turns are called Google Panda, Penguin and Phantom, updates to the Google SEO algorithm that reward great websites and punish bad ones. Unfortunately, the updates sometimes punish the wrong sites and Google SEO consultants spend a lot of time working with clients to help them avoid these traps. 

Dangers of SEO 
Optimizing websites makes smart business sense. However, I caution clients to take care not to worship at the altar of SEO or make it the number one marketing goal. 

Your ultimate goal is to get more leads and generate traffic to your website. This means having something online people want in the first place — great content. Put your focus on developing great content first, and SEO will follow. 

Publishing high quality content helps everyone achieve their goals. Google can bring quality search returns to browsers. Your website generates traffic. And customers get the information they need. Everyone wins, even SEO. 

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