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December 11 2013

Do I need a website redesign?

website redesign

Are you thinking about redesigning your website? I would first look at the reasons why you feel you need to do this. Is your website more then 5 years old? Does it look like a website that was designed last decade? Does your website design flow and guide the user to take an action?

Redesigning your website is quite a long and detailed process. Your redesign should start with a vision and/or a problem. The quicker you can define this vision/problem the more successful the redesign will go.

There are really 7 stages to a redesign. They are as follows: 

  1. Strategy
  2. Plan
  3. Design
  4. Build
  5. Optimize, test & deliver
  6. Launch & promote
  7. Analyze

The strategy stage will catapult your new design. We recommend you define:

  • Clear benchmarks
  • Realistic goals
  • Your brand and target audience (personas)
  • Keywords or questions people will search
  • Competition & market opportunity
  • An inventory of content assets

You’ll want to start by analyzing your current website’s history such as:

  • Number of visits/visitors/unique visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on site
  • Current SEO rankings for important searches
  • Domain authority
  • Number of new leads/form submissions
  • Total amount of sales generated

Now be sure you have a good reason for this redesign and communicate your goals accurately to the company who is redesigning your website.

While you are defining your brand be sure that the new design is consistent in this messaging across your entire website. A new visitor should immediately understand what you do, how it relates to them and why they should stay on your website and not jump to one of you competitors. Be sure to sound human. When you communicate use lay terms that the average person may understand.

Be clear on your buyer personas. Speak to your audience and tell them what is in it for them. Speak to them in their language and design content that they relate to.

Next be sure that this redesign includes optimized pages for search engines. It’s a good idea to figure out which pages receive the most traffic and most conversions. If you plan to move highly valuable pages make sure that your create proper 301 redirects. You may want to create a 301-redirect strategy to map out your old URLs to your new URLs.  For each page focus on one topic that it will focus on and optimize each page around each topic. Make sure that you understand what pages inbound links are linking to and be prepared to handle this properly.

Don’t obsess over your competition but understand their strengths and weaknesses. Do some analysis and be sure to create a clear competitive edge with your new website redesign.

Deciding on a website redesign is a big decision. Don’t rush it and do it right and in the end you will win! For a FREE consultation on your current website please click here! 

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