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December 17 2013

How to turn Facebook Fans into Paying Customers

Facebook fan to client

Facebook is about more then just having a large fan base. The goal is to get them to interact and respond well to what you post. Use the benefits of having those fans become real customers.

Learn how to increase your reach on your Facebook page and then walk your fans through the process of becoming leads and finally paying customers. 

It is always smart to create a plan with any marketing campaign including Facebook marketing. The end of a plan should always include a goal so that you can decide if your plan succeeded or needs tweaking.

  1. Quantify your goals: Start with reviewing your current Facebook analytics to determine goal target click through, prospect to lead and lead to customer conversion rates.
  2. Review your buyer personas: Make sure that you are reaching the correct audience. Study who your ideal audience is and the best ways to target them.
  3. Create a blended campaign: You want to do on Facebook what you are doing with the rest of your marketing. Your brand should be the same across all medias and it should make sense to your audience. What you post and offer on Facebook should be integrated into the rest of your marketing efforts.

In order to increase your Facebook reach you want to increase the frequency of posting to make sure that more people see your message. According to, the half-life of a Facebook post is only 3.2 hours. Although you want to increase your frequency be sure that you don’t sacrifice on the quality of your content. People want to see relevant and useful information that relates to your industry. It is also important to review the analytics of your previous posts to see which posts have the most interactions and highest click-through rates. Along with useful information I would suggest that you include stimulating visuals. People tend to skim and stop when they see an image that catches their attention.

To actually stick to this plan that takes up a bit of time to do it right it would be best to create a content calendar that includes what you want to post on Facebook and when you want to post it. If you have a way to create a calendar and use a tool to automate your posts it may help you to push a consistent flow of content out even when your are busy. You can include everything in your content calendar from specific industry offers to posts that create your blog content. You may even use a plugin through Wordpress to auto post your blog posts right to your Facebook page. So again your goal would be to publish diverse content as often as possible without sacrificing quality. 

The more automated and organized you can create this system the better because that will allow you more time to focus your most of your efforts on working leads, interacting with fans, creating new posts, and monitoring your analytics.

Lastly, you want to make a goal to take your fans and bring them out of Facebook to your landing page with good CTAs in place or your website with the same. The best way to bring your fans to your landing pages from Facebook is to provide an enticing offer. By knowing the personas of your fans you may create a variety of offers to test out. You can offer eBooks, demos, whitepapers, promotions, coupons, and how to videos. This is where you open up the possibility of turning Facebook fans into actual leads. You’ll just want to make sure that your offer is aligned with your business goals and brand identity.

So, understand that it is wonderful to have images and conversations with your Facebook fans on Facebook but you must realize your ultimate goal is to bring fans into your marketing funnel to eventually turn into a customer.

Once you bring your Fan out of Facebook your next step is to capture their information so you’ll want to make sure that wherever you bring them whether it’s a landing page or your website that it has a form that they can fill out with good CTA buttons to download the offer. Facebook also has the ability to allow you to place CTA buttons right in Facebook to entice your fans to your offer.

The next important part is to create the right fields for different offers. At first you may only ask for name and email but if you are giving away an eBook or a more in depth offer you can ask for more information like website address, job title and sometimes even phone number. If you can it’s best to use smart forms so if you are bringing a fan through two possible landing pages once they land on the second page they the form will fill out the information that they already gave on the previous form. This also means that if a fan already filled out information in a previous offer then they wouldn’t have to fill that information out again but instead would answer new questions that would give you more qualified information about your lead. This keeps your forms short event though you are gathering more and more info. This also then allows you to target your leads with offers and information that relates to them.

This info is a lot for one post. At a later time we will discuss how to nurture your leads and create automated workflows and emails to bring your leads further along your marketing funnel so that you may eventually turn them into a customer.

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