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September 20 2013

SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

SEO tips beginnersSearch engine optimization, or SEO, consists of including visible and hidden content in a webpage's design that is specifically designed to improve that website's placement in search engine results and rankings.  There are many components of search engine optimization that - when done properly - will dramatically improve a site's chances at getting a higher ranking position on search results, and it is those components that website designers and owners often find themselves wringing their hands over.

The most important parts of SEO are usually considered to be the strategic use of well-researched keywords, the acquisition of backlinks from noteworthy, authoritative, or reputable websites, the inclusion of original and appealing content, and avoiding any tactics that are considered "black hat" by industry standards.  For website designers and owners who are taking their first steps into the world of search engine optimization, those black hat tactics can be incredibly appealing as a way to make huge leaps toward the front of the pack with regard to site rankings.

Some strategies that should be avoided when making your first forays into the world of SEO are:

  • Keyword stuffing - using a proliferation of keywords that aren't contextually relevant.
  • Excessive backlinks - getting links from paid directories, "free for all" lists, and similar locations are not advantageous (and can result in penalties).
  • Fluff content - the content on your site should be valuable, engaging, and appealing to your visitors.
  • Duplication - creating duplicate pages with different URLs can result in your site being banned.

An inescapable trap that beginners often fall into is thinking that the promise of high ranking placement can be achieved through the use of optimization strategies that are deemed unacceptable by SEO professionals, search engines, and site visitors alike.  Black hat tactics can provide a superficial and rapid ascent in the ranking hierarchy, but the descent will happen more quickly and can result in much harsher penalties than just a loss of premium placement, such as permanent site banning by search engines.

Improve your website's optimization through research and planning, and make use of the advice and knowledge that experts can provide, such as those here at Webstetic.  Online marketing is a detailed and complex strategy that requires attentive and careful optimization to truly be successful, so don't leave it in the hands of amateurs!

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