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February 12 2014

Welcome to SEO 2014

seo 2014

SEO is ever evolving and 2014 isn’t going to be an exception. Small business enterprises and webmasters are faced with the daily challenge of having to adapt to several changes brought about by these changes. To gain recognition and high rankings, you have to carefully consider several factors because it’s not only about stuffing your website or blog with the targeted keywords.

In 2013, Google introduced a new algorithm, the Hummingbird, which saw very drastic changes in the display of results for searches in Google. From the change, SEO 2014 will see link building and keyword stuffing being less focused on, with the emphasis shifting to quality of content. There is also the return of Google analytics, which will enable businesses to see what users clicked before reaching their website, but with a limitation of 90 days (3 months approximately).

Here are great ideas that will come in handy to help you build traffic to your website with quality content.

  • Develop a strategy for marketing content

Focus on providing quality content, one that your targeted customers will want to see, rather than compete by stuffing keywords and link building. Try to your best to educate your target audience by speaking to them rather than selling.

  • Address mobile website issue

Many customers will definitely want to access your website through the mobile platform and an emphasis on developing a user-friendly interface is very crucial. Google also tells us that this is one very crucial part of moving forward with 2014 SEO.

  • Avoid getting bad links from wrong websites

You will definitely need links in your website, though it’s a dying trend. Google has been fighting to eliminate spammers, by bringing down many websites that had wrong links. Unfortunately, not only the spammers have been affected by this move.

  • Engage in social media

It is very crucial to focus on social media, with the big players remaining to be Facebook, twitter and Google+. Target your audience and create engaging headlines. Remember not to over-post, know your audience, which will go a step further to enable you to know what they want to see and when.

So there you go - you have all it takes to get better ranking. What will be your target audience and how will you engage them?

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