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September 12 2013

Why Responsive Design is Important.

Responsive Web DesignAs Internet technology changes at the speed of light, programming and design must cater to those changes. The way consumers and information-seekers browse the Web is constantly changing. These individuals want easy access to information at any time, in any location. This is where responsive web design plays a role.

An Overview of Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is developing a website that delivers the correct format that is specific to the device that accesses it. For instance, a user could access a site from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop and it will be formatted correctly for each. Responsive web design is much more efficient when compared to designing several sites for several devices.

Importance of Responsive Web Design sito web

Responsive design is extremely critical to the success of any business because it allows a website to be easily accessed from any device without losing the format or content of the page. This improves the user experience and will increase retention. Also, this process only requires you to manage one set of content. You update the information once and all users will see it. Alternatively, if you have several different sites for different devices, you must update the content on all. Finally, responsive design is much better for search engine optimization than a forked mobile website.

Alternative Methods

There are three primary alternatives to responsive design including:

  1.        Adaptive websites
  2.        Native Apps
  3.        Sites for devices


Adaptive Websites

Adaptive websites allow you to utilize defined layouts for a variety of resolutions. Within each predetermined layout, resizing the window will not change the layout. Adaptive design focuses on the server-side versus the client-side found in responsive design.

Native Apps

Native applications for specific devices allow you to create a specific program to provide information. The user installs it on their device, clicks it and can navigate around the app to find what they need.

Sites for Devices

By creating several different sites for different devices, you are able to provide information. However, this is the least popular option due to the constant maintenance and upkeep.

Responsive design is the best option to give users the information they need from several different platforms while being easy-to-maintain.

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