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June 12 2013

Optimize webpage with one key phrase

Optimize webpage with one key phrase. Be sure that you treat each page as a stand-alone. Don't think of the entire website together but instead concentrate on one key phrase per page. Technically, google and other search engines search pages and the more you optimize a page to be found for the specific key phrase or word you pick then the easier you are making your page to be found. When search engines like google search web pages against search queries the are looking to show the pages that are truly the most relevant for the topic or key phrase a user searches. Here are some tips when optimizing a webpage to be found by a search engine. 1. Pick one key phrase to be the focus of your page. 2. Use this key phrase to choose a relevant title for your page 3. Name your url for this page with your focus key phrase 4. Carry your key phrase over into your title tag 5. Create a good meta description that relates and includes your key phrase and be sure it is also appealing to your audience who will read this in the search results 6. Include your key phrase in the first sentence of your page 7. Keep your page around 300 words 8. Create content that is relevant to your key phrase but more importantly create real and relevant content. *This step is extremely important. Search engines value authentic content because they are attempting to serve the searcher the best content that accurately matches their search. Then once you bring people to your page because the search engine says your page is an authority on their search term your ultimate goal is to convert them. The search engines don't like stuffed pages or pages written in attempt to trick the search engines and the user especially will not like that. Your page should be unique with quality information for both the user and the search engine 9. Make sure that any words you use in any of your title and meta tagging are really contained in your content 10. Be detailed and specific in your intentions for a webpage. Do not try to rank one page for multiple key phrases. Pick one search phrase for each web page you publish.

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