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October 17 2013

What does hummingbird mean for drug rehab marketing?

drug rehab marketingWhen it comes to online drug rehab marketing, Google Hummingbird changes everything and changes nothing. It's the most major revamp of Google's search system in over a decade and brings new tools for better searches, but, at the same time, it appears to have little effect on your existing SEO.

Understanding Hummingbird

Google's users -- your prospects -- are using Google differently than they have in the past. Searches used to be simple strings of words -- "drug rehab LA." Now, searching is becoming a more natural action, and people are talking to Google. Today's search string might be something like "Is there a good drug rehab in LA click for more?" 

As users spend more time searching with their mobile devices, this is becoming even more prevalent. Given the built-in dictation tools in many smartphones, they aren't typing any more. They're talking, and no one talks in strings of keywords.

Google Hummingbird understands this. It has advanced language processing techniques that focus on identifying questions and answering them, rather than on just delivering search results. This creates opportunities for you to revamp your drug rehab marketing and SEO.

It also goes a step further by leveraging Google's knowledge to divine the context of a question. It can both tap into Google's general Knowledge Graph database as well as use what it knows about the person searching from his or her search history. This could mean that the question "Where's a good rehab" will deliver results talking about drug rehab facilities in the user's home community instead of talking about physical therapy which is also a form of rehab.

Leveraging Hummingbird

Your drug rehab marketing can leverage these and other changes by:

  1. Changing nothing. If what you're doing is working, you won't need to modify it. However adding to it can help even more.
  2. Adding content that answers specific questions, rather than just having good content.
  3. Adding video, especially if you want to attract mobile viewers.
  4. Keeping content in Google-land. Hummingbird appears to show preference to sites hosted on Google properties like YouTube.

If you'd like to learn more about how to maximize Hummingbird's features, contact us. We offer a free consultation that will give you SEO and site optimization tips.

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