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November 25 2013

How does color affect the mood of visitors to a website?

How does color affect the mood of web visitors?

Web design has changed since the early years of the internet. Gone are the days when a few simple lines of HTML and some hastily applied CSS were all you really needed to have an online presence. Modern web design has grown a little more complicated than it used to be. Techniques such as UX and responsive design are all the rage right now. However, while web design has come along way and evolved to meet the needs of the modern web, a few basic principles remain true. Among these, perhaps the most important is the relationship between color and web design. 

While it may seem that people tend to favor functionality over style these days, these ideas aren't mutually exclusive. Even as it has grown into a more complicated process, the relationship between color and web design remains extremely important. Color provides one of the basic foundations of design that helps the entire site come together. After all, you wouldn't build a brand new house and paint every room a different shade of lime green. Interior designs have long known the relationship between color and mood. They paint certain rooms a certain color depending on the type of mood and emotions they wish to elicit. For example, a kitchen may be painted yellow to stimulate a welcoming sense of calm, while a living room or bedroom might be painted a relaxing color such as blue. As you may guess, the use of mood and color in web design work in a very similar fashion. So how does color affect the mood of visitors to a website?

Think about some popular websites for a moment. What colors do they use and what kind of mood are they trying to elicit? Websites that prominently feature the color red are generally trying to convey a sense of urgency or excitement. Red stimulates people and gets them excited to buy things. This is why you will see many fast food and soda companies using the color red on their websites and their logos as well. What about websites that try and portray a tranquil or serene mood? Sites that sell spa services or health products make frequent use of calming colors such as blue and white.

The relationship between color and web design goes deeper than eliciting mood, however this aspect is often overlooked, even by experienced designers. To take advantage of this and other design techniques, try a free consultation from Webstetic.

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