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June 25 2013

Google’s SEO Basics

The following tips will help you learn Google’s SEO basics when setting up and updating your website. If you follow them you're rankings will improve!Google's SEO tips

  • Create unique and cool content.
  • Create a contest
  • Create a sweepstake
  • Write fun or funny articles
  • Create a video
  • Create content that is innovative
  • Include relevant keywords in your copy
  • Remember the blog entrée Webstetic created about on on-page seo? We stressed in that post the importance of using one key phrase per page. Do not oversaturate a page with many key phrases. This will only confuse google and confuse your user.
  • Make sure that your tags are filled out correctly
    • Write unique title tags. Title tags are included in the first line that a potential visitor will see in the search results. When deciding on a title tag, please make sure that the title is relevant to the page topic. An ideal title would be a phrase or words that are the same as your page URL name. In addition, it would make your page even stronger to google if your page title is included in the first line of copy on your page.
    • Create a relevant and good meta description. The meta description is the snippet that your potential client will see when your site shows up in the Google search engine. This is the second line that is shown in the search engine results. Remember the page relevance we keep stressing and will continue to stress. A good meta description will include your focus key phrase, which should be the key phrase from your title tag and the first sentence of your page.
    • This last tip is more of “a don’t do tip” that will ultimately save you time. Don’t waste time filling out meta keywords. Meta keywords do not help your site to rank better. They are sort of an old tag that is a time waster.
  • Signup for emails in webmaster tools. Make sure you receive Google’s updates so you know when and how to alter your pages to meet their requirements.
  • Create and share content that other people will want to share through their social media accounts, blogs and on the street. Aim to create a buzz of content that has potential to go viral. This means that google does not want to see any tricks. Create good, interesting, educational and fresh content that people enjoy, look forward to and want to share with their friends.
  • Always put out fresh and relevant content. Stay on top of the latest trends. Push out new and exciting content on a regular bases and always keep it relevant to your page and to your website. There was a time when people would take the latest and most searched news of the day, create a page on their site about that news in order to trick the Google into ranking their site as relevant for a search on the latest news topic. Then the user would click on this website and be tricked to end up on a website that they had no interest in visiting. Google hates this and so does your user. Be sure to keep your content relevant to your page and to your website so everyone feels you are delivering accurate content.

Google & your end user think alike

We hope these tips help you. Remember Google and your end user just want the best and most relevant content that matches their initial search. Be in the solution to the issue the user and google has before your site becomes the answer. If you have questions or need extra help please contact us and we will give you further SEO and online marketing guidance.

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