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June 26 2013

Google’s Payday Loan update?

Google made an update to their algorithm called "Payday Loan" Update. Well, I just loved the name of this update so I really wanted to write something on googles algorithm update that took place in early june. This Payday Loan Updatealgorithm update targets niches like the payday loan and porn industry using really spammy linking techniques to rise up on google's search engine results. Google made it sound like the request to try to target "spammy queries" came from outside of google. Google trying it's best to satisfy it's end user decided to address these type of queries. This is an update that is starting to be rolled out globally. This update will be rolled out through June and into the beginning of July. You may be wondering how this will affect you? You may actually be innocent and still be affected. Let's say someone put up a website that just pulls content into it from relevant rss feeds and links to your site. Perhaps this site is one that talks about drug detox in New York and you have a drug detox in New York and this site is pulling info from your site and giving you a link. You may have been grateful for that link in the past but today google will penalize your site. You or your webmaster will have to email the websites admin and ask them to remove the link. Another example would be if you actually paid a directory to include your site info including a link to your site. If google finds this directory spammy then again your website will be penalized. The last example is a little more black hat. Let's say you have again a drug detox website in New York and you have hired a company to buy links. With this later update google will again penalize your website and you will have to remove these links. So the point here is "Be careful!" Find out what sites are linking to you and start heading off the problem before google warns you. If you do want to have a link to your site make sure you know the site and it's authority before accepting a link from them. This will also bring you back to the basics. We always stress the importance of creating relevant and authentic content for your website. This is what is most important. If you are a drug detox in New York make sure your site talks about your drug detox and provides real information for a real end user. If you can, include real pictures and maybe some videos of your drug detox center. Continue to publish fresh and new content about 2 or 3 times per week. Perhaps your drug detox center has a staff member that wants to publish events that are happening at your center. Maybe your site would like to publish tips for the family member of the drug addict looking for detox. Come up with a content plan, stick to it and make it unique and informative. If you do this then Google will include your site as a relevant answer to the user's searches. If you would like to speak with a professional feel free to call 1.866.366.5066

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