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October 10 2013

SEO that works – The Truth Behind Google PageRank

pigeon rankGoogle first started returning results to searches back in 1997, By 2000 approximately 18 million people were searching Google every day. Since its beginning, companies have tried to figure out SEO that works to rank higher in Google's search results. From keywords to content, Google AdWords and PPC, have been tried. But Google manages to keep their ranking algorithms out the hands of marketers and remain a mystery. They even manage to laugh at themselves as well as those who would try to figure it out, as they proved on April Fool's Day, 2002 with their PigeonRank that declared their ranking was based on the pecking of flocks of pigeons köpa cialis online.

While the truth behind Google's ranking system has nothing to do with pecking pigeons, it does have to do with quality content. The algorithms originally were based on clicks by visitors. However, this led to keyword stuffing, clickbots that increase false clicks, and other attempts to find SEO that works. The changes made to the algorithm have become advanced enough to filter sites according to quality of content. According to Google there are more than two hundred unique aspects that their algorithm takes into consideration. Google's automated web spider, named Googlebot, actually filters every search, updates website information, reports broken links and more. While a business can blockGooglebot from browsing their website, this can greatly reduce how well their SEO works.

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click (PPC) service offered by Google. The service is set up on a bid basis. Companies bid on keywords that pertain to their business. The bid is how much they are willing to pay per click when that keyword is searched. While showing up each time a specific word is searched provide SEO that works, it is not the secret to success. First, they do show up as paid advertisements – which many people ignore. Second, popular keywords can be expensive. But more obscure keywords, while cheaper, have far less response.

The bottom line to getting results in Google's search results is using SEO that works. Providing quality content to customers, as well as being an active presence online are certain to provide an increase in ranking. Working with a marketing manager, such asWebstetic, can help a business increase their Google ranking as well as improve other aspects of their marketing.  

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