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June 23 2014

Filling Beds at Your Drug Treatment Center

Need Help Filling Beds

As any director of a company in today’s advertising climate well knows, there isn’t a more cost-effective marketing strategy than website promotion. The barriers to entry are the lowest of any other form – just think; you are essentially erecting a business location in cyberspace, for pennies on the dollar.

For a business in the rehabilitation and drug treatment industry, this pushes the costs of promotion way down – buying television commercials to reach a largely uninterested public is largely reserved for conglomerates with the requisite amount of cash and resources. Filling beds at your drug treatment center can be done at far lesser costs with local internet marketing; where, with the help of a qualified SEO company, you can target your demographic – instead of sending out expensive feelers in so many disinterested directions.

Filling Beds at Your Drug Treatment Center using Powerful SEO Techniques

Because of consistent Google algorithm updates to its search engine, search engine optimization as practiced by online companies is a dynamic field. However, there’s one thing that always stays constant: content marketing. In fact, it is the best solution to filling beds at you’re your drug treatment center. Good on-page SEO revolves around a very simple reality of web marketing (any marketing, really): fulfilling your customer’s needs.

When prospective clients are searching online, they’re looking for a solution. It’s important to craft webpage content that informs, rather than promotes. Use the right keywords so that search engines can find you and move your website up in the search page rankings; and, as more visitors land on your pages and your on-page Analytics signals increase, Google will reward your site with higher placement and you’ll be inundated with leads.

The Power of Social Media

Another method of filling beds at your drug treatment facility is to use referrals through social media. After all, who better to promote how well a treatment center worked than one who has been through it? The best thing about social media is that social networks can grow overnight, as more people who know someone in need of help add you to their circles and share the useful content you post. For more information on how SEO and social media can work for your treatment facility, click here.

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