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October 03 2013

Engaging Your Audience Through Social Media

Engage Social MediaThere has been no greater facilitator to the advance of inbound marketing than social media. Here are four important inbound marketing strategies that you can use to help you grow your business and to engage consumers in a way that turns potential into profit.

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Most businesses use off-line marketing to supplement their online presence. The use of social media allows marketers to increase the potential of their offline sales pitches through Calls to Action. Dropping the URL for your Facebook Page invites users to visit your online community. 

Use Picture and Video 

Straight text is no longer an effective marketing tool. Consumers need to be engaged. They want to see what they are investing in. The use of pictures and videos can give you an edge in the online marketing sector these days, as their redistribution rate is much higher than that of straight text because of copyright law and ease of use. 

Additionally, pictures and videos are shared within your target audience on social networking sites. Post a picture of your office or video tutorials, something to engage the viewer. The more redistribution you enjoy, the more exposure you enjoy. As long as your product is advertised on someone else’s website via file sharing, it’s free press for you. Also, complex information is better presented in a video than in straight text, and video adds a personal touch to your business profile. 

Local Social Networks 

Certain authority industry related quality local business directories are a good place to start promoting your site. Just be careful to stay away from small new directory websites. Identify the sites on which your competitors are listed and add yourself to those directories as well. Ensure that your business information is updated on Google Places & Google+ for business. If consumers cannot find you, they certainly cannot buy from you. 

Message Compatibility 

Social networking platforms are increasing in number. Not all platforms are created equal. Different social networking platforms support different types of social marketing communications. A message that makes perfect sense on Facebook may not be appropriate for Twitter. Something written for Twitter may fail to garner even one repost on Facebook. 

An elementary social marketing strategy is to ensure that you tailor your messages to be platform specific. Text that really isn’t compatible with a social networking platform can lead to frustration on the part of viewers, drawing the likelihood of enjoying a repost down to zero. 

Be thoughtful and intensional. Think always of the end viewer. Create for them and you will make the search engines happy to serve your content.
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