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June 22 2013

Make it easy for Google to find your pages!

It's very important to make it easy for Google to find your pages. Google is very good in telling us what they want so it is very important that we give them what they want. Google also provides with a set of webmaster tools that you should definitely take advantage of. You will find the tools at Do not be confused with Google analytics. Google's webmaster tools are separate from google analytics so be sure to register for both. For this blog post we are only focusing on Google's webmaster tools. If you follow are blog we will do a post that deals specifically with analytics. Here are some tips that you should follow once you register your site with Google's webmaster tools. 1. Be sure to set up and submit your site map 2. Ask google to crawl your website 3. Register for updates through their blog

Three types of site maps

You should be aware that google takes 3 different types of site maps. You will want to submit all three. There is the main site map that is extremely important so that google will always find all of your pages and posts. Then you'll want to submit an image site map. Sometimes google will not see all of the images on your website. This image site map helps google find and index your images. Last if you have videos definitely submit a video site map. This will help google discover and share your videos that are relevant to people’s searches and to your web site.

Errors on website

It is also very wise to ask google to show you errors on your website, especially 200, 404 and 503 errors. The more errors you have the more google will not like your website. It is very important that you eliminate all errors. Google does not want to serve pages that have errors. It doesn't make you look good and it doesn't make google look good and it sure doesn't satisfy your end user. If you have errors you'll want to forward this on to whoever is managing your website to fix asap. Please feel free to call us with any questions at 866.366.5066 or email us at

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