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November 18 2013

Drug Rehab Marketing – How Do You Do That?

Drugs are your drug rehab's competition

When the aim of good marketing is to target a customer so perfectly that the product virtually sells itself, how does one go about marketing a drug rehab? As the saying goes, you have to want treatment, and no amount of salesmanship can sway an addict away from addiction. Unfortunately, that substance is your competition, so to speak. So how does one market to such an unwilling clientele?

Seth Godin defined marketing as "a contest for people's attention." Marketing drug rehab is about whose attention you're trying to win and how that matters.

Building community treatment center relationships is the first step. Treatment centers share a philosophy. If one center isn’t right for a patient, they will send him or her to another. In order to receive a referral, a center must have a reputation among its peers. Therefore, it must get its own word out. There are a few ways for them to accomplish this.

Industry outreach


Physical outreach is best. What better way for a healthcare professional to know who you are and what you do than to have them visit you in person? Holding special events, luncheons, and tours help familiarize a treatment center's peers with their methods and service, and help to solidify bonds between like-minded professionals.

Social media


Let's face it, it's no longer a gimmick. Social media is the most powerful tool any marketer can utilize. How else can you keep in touch when you're separated by physical distances or unavailable for extended meetings and conversations? However, like any other tool, social media requires a skill to use it properly. Your site must convince potential clients – i.e. patients – that your center is the right one for them. There must be an implied call to action in every tweet, message, and post. In some cases, the call to action should be explicit. The center's website should rely on a good deal of SEO in order for it to be accessible to clients coming in cold.



Sharing treatment and recovery solutions at industry conferences is a great way to build a strong referral network. There are conferences in several states every year. There are a number of different field organizations involved, and the primary intent is to provide network opportunities.

In the end, marketing drug rehab requires the same tactics one would use for anything else. The difference is that the aim, being a somewhat loftier one, has the potential to elevate the field beyond normal aspirations.

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