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December 03 2013

Drug Rehab Business Marketing

drug rehab business marketing

Marketing products is easy; if the product has great features or is attractive it practically sells itself. Marketing business services is also a straightforward affair if the message is clear how the business’ service helps a customer. Selling drug counseling services, however, is a bit of a quandary. Most people who actually need these services do so because they’ve been arrested and are looking for an easier sentence or they can’t find a way to stop using drugs on their own. It’s not quite the formula for "great idea + customer equals business success."

The successful approach with this particular service is not necessarily to market the counseling and drug rehab to the patient. Instead, it needs to be marketed to those who are actually looking for such services – spouses, family, friends and court systems looking for alternative adjudication methods for illegal drug use.

The marketing focus needs to be on catching people’s attention. Those who are actually looking for a drug rehab program are often doing so to find qualified help for a friend or relative with an addiction. Marketing to an addict or someone who has no such issue in their life doesn’t produce results. So targeting the niche that wants the solution should be the primary task.

Methods of targeted marketing for drug rehab services include:

  • Focusing on providing a solution to return people to a viable role in their community.
  • Providing a resource family and friends can turn to for addiction help.
  • Posting content on how to look for the signs of addiction in teens and adults.
  • Sending direct marketing communications to courts, prosecution offices and defense attorneys on how monitored drug rehab can help divert cases to productive rehabilitation.
  • Marketing to doctors and clinics in the area as a referral resource for long-term rehab treatment.
  • Social media outreach to medical circles as well as drug rehab alumni support groups. The more people who know about a good service, the more likely it is to be referred to other cases.

Drug rehab business marketing doesn’t need to be a hands-off area that brand development has to avoid. By finding the right niche already primed to listen, drug rehab marketing can be quite effective in producing new case results. In fact, done right, a drug rehab could find itself with new challenges, like trying to meet growing demand.

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