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July 03 2013

SEO + Design = Successful Web Development

Many SEO and marketing professionals overlook design and only create web pages and content for search engines. Clients accept this because when looking at traffic stats the incoming traffic looks good right? Well, no not really because you are loosing 60% conversion do to poor CTA's. Creating great content makes your website pages most relevant for Google but you are just working part of the puzzle. You might be thinking, well wait I'm definitely not in that category. "I have CTA's in all the suggested spaces!" You may be right and many professionals and professional template building software or heat maps will suggest CTA's in the right areas. However they are typically obnoxious and are not under a creative director's guidance. This is good and will certainly increase your capture rate however you are still missing a big piece of the pie. design + seo = successful web development Branding and design professionals are talented well-educated people who understand how the human mind works and what makes a people take intended actions. Understanding the psychology of where the eyes look when arriving at a website is still not enough. It takes a real master, an individual or a team of individuals who have the knowledge and have talent. Their is a profound beauty when you arrive at a website with simplicity, clarity and efficiency. True simplicity comes from so much more then just the absence of clutter. Spacing is a science. Good typography and graphics will guide the user to the next spot you want them to look. As a human being we are always acting in relation to a design that has worked on us whether or not we are aware of it. Bringing order to complexity is what makes a great design so beautiful. It defines so much of your every day experience. Likewise, design by itself would be lonesome without it's co-creators. This is why we stress the significance in working with a team of online marketers, SEO experts, inbound experts, strategists, a stellar creative team and technical experts with a perfect co-existence. Design is so much more then just colors, shapes and lines. Design is everything, how it works, rhetorically on so many levels. We work with many clients in the drug and alcohol treatment industry. It’s almost unseen on the web to find gorgeous website with proper CTA's working ideal. When working with businesses like drug rehabs there are already many hurdles to jump through because of the giant competition. A marketing strategy for treatment centers must have a strong competitive edge to make the difference to gain high conversions. Well developed drug treatment websites should be a clear representation of these tenants. We like to create each website with a style that is coherent across the entire website and branding. Your creative web designer should always consider the tiniest details like typography, lines, shapes, spaces, icons and color. There is so much more we would like to say on this topic. We would like to dedicate an entire blog entry to color alone. Continue to learn more about design and SEO and   to our blog. You may look forward to learning more inside trade secrets and tips on the subject of design. We will be happy to give you a FREE marketing consultation if you call or email us through our website. We bring together a broad range of expertise. Together, with you, Webstetic will define for you an important new direction and in many ways a new beginning. We will stay with you as you create a lead generating machine through your web assets. If you too, need marketing for drug and alcohol treatment centers we will work with you daily to FILL YOUR BEDS.

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